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Shelbyville Q&A – Occidental Dissent

Why are we going to Shelbyville?

The League of the South has been talking about holding another event in Middle Tennessee for the past two years now. It never materialized though. We discussed holding a rally there in the fall at our national conference in June. This was before Charlottesville.

We held a Southern Demographic Displacement rally in Murfreesboro, TN and Shelbyville, TN in 2013. In light of all the terrorist attacks and mass shootings by immigrants and refugees that have taken place since then, we have always talked about going back there.

This isn’t a new idea. It is something we have been thinking about doing for years now. I will explain why we decided to move forward with this after Charlottesville.

Why are you going back to Shelbyville, TN after Unite the Right in Charlottesville?

The main reason is because we don’t want another Charlottesville.

Charlottesville was the single most shitlib town in Dixie. We could have picked literally anywhere in the South to hold Unite the Right and it would have been in friendlier territory. The reason that Charlottesville turned out the way it did was because it had the demographics of Berkeley.

The single most important consideration in deciding where to hold our next public rally was the desire to avoid a place where the police would stand down. We also wanted to avoid the “state of emergency” trick. In Charlottesville, we had to deal with a Democrat governor, a Jewish mayor, a black city manager and a black police chief in a place that had proclaimed itself the “Capitol of the Resistance.”

We started looking for a location and our preference was a red county in a red state without a Democrat governor where police would be likely to do their jobs. We also wanted a location near a metropolitan area where there would be plenty of hotels and that was centrally located so the most people could travel there from the most places in the eastern United States at the least expense.

This meant the ideal location was either in Tennessee or Kentucky. The police in Tennessee and Kentucky have consistently done their jobs at all previous events. We narrowed it down even further to either Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Nashville, Chattanooga or Knoxville. After polling the issue, we decided on somewhere in Tennessee and close to Nashville.

If we held the event in Nashville for superior optics, the objection would have been like with the Charlotte rally that it would have been unsafe because it is a Democrat stronghold. Clearly, the prevailing sentiment out there is to err on the side of security rather than provocation.

Is Shelbyville the only Nationalist Front event on October 28th?

No, we have planned several events in the region but they aren’t good to go at this stage. We’re prepared to announce the rally in Shelbyville. We wanted to go ahead and tell you to mark your calendars for that date and that general area because we are less than a month out now. As soon as the other events are good to go, they will be announced. Stay tuned for more information.

What does Shelbyville, TN have to do with the shooting in Antioch, TN?

The federal government has been dumping these refugees all over Middle Tennessee. They’ve been dumping them in Nashville, Antioch, Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, etc. It was the documentary “Welcome to Shelbyville” which first drew our attention to the issue. We’re not saying that we are only going to be in Shelbyville. We are going there to protest what is happening to the entire region.

So, the Emanuel Samson church shooting kind of sealed the deal for you guys?

Pretty much. We had already zeroed in on the area and the date. We had already discussed going back to Shelbyville for years and over the summer. We were already considering two major themes for this event which was protesting the demographic transformation of Middle Tennessee by refugee resettlement and anger at the Trump administration and Republican Congress over the immigration agenda. We were already going there before Emanuel Samson opened fire on the church and Antioch and the media buried the story and that made what we were doing even more important.

Is this event only about the Emanuel Samson church shooting?

No, it is about the demographic transformation of Middle Tennessee, which we drew attention to years ago. It is not about this specific shooting. It is about ALL the consequences that are going to follow from changing demographics. Look at the UK or France. Do you think there will only be one mass shooting? We believe the Emanuel Samson shooting is the canary in the coal mine for Middle Tennessee. In fact, there were church shootings by a Muslim convert in Shelbyville last year.

Is this Unite the Right 2.0?

No, this is a “White Lives Matter” rally. Everyone who is pro-White can agree the Emanuel Samson church shooting and the media cover up is outrageous. We can all agree that if the shooter had been White and his victims had been black that it would have gotten wall to wall national coverage. The shooting was buried in the news cycle because it wasn’t “a story about race in America” that fit the narrative. The media which constantly accuses us of “racism” has a racist bias.

The phrase “Unite the Right” has downsides when we hold a unity event and it is followed by months of bickering and division online. This is a pro-White event for our movement. We’re not going to bother trying to appeal to cucks in the hope of “uniting” with them after what happened in Charlottesville. This event is going to be less Unite the Right and more Unite the White.

It will be like Unite the Right in one sense though: even though the Nationalist Front is spearheading this event, we want other groups to come. If we can’t find common ground and raise hell about something as outrageous as this, then we really ought to just pack it in and go home.

Is this Whitestock?

In Charlottesville, the idea was to hold a torchlight march, a public rally and an afterparty. In Shelbyville, we want to hold a public rally and a private event on private property. I wouldn’t label the private event “Whitestock” but it is a chance to do what we couldn’t do in Charlottesville.

Why hold another public rally so soon after Charlottesville?

Aside from all the reasons mentioned above, we’re not going to back down and be content to be closeted. Instead, we are going to soldier on and move beyond what happened in Charlottesville. It has been a black cloud hanging over us ever since August 12th and we need to move forward.

Is this going to be an armed event?

We haven’t discussed this. We’re looking into it. Tennessee doesn’t have the same gun laws as North Carolina where it is illegal to be armed at demonstrations on public property.

Can I bring the US flag?

If you want to bring the US flag, feel free to bring it.

Can I bring the Confederate Battle Flag?

If you want to bring the Confederate Battle Flag, feel free to bring it.

Can I bring the swastika?

No, we are going to draw the line there. Most of the screeching about optics in Charlottesville was due to one individual with a swastika flag. This would create too much of a distraction.

Are we going to use the US flag exclusively at this event?

No, we aren’t going to argue endlessly about flags and symbols. The reason we are holding this event is because it is a moral outrage and to express anger, not to show off our optics. We’re going to focus on the moral aspect of it and less on divisive arguments about flags and symbols.

What are the objectives of this event?

The main objectives are to foster cohesion within our movement, to move beyond Charlottesville and to draw attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting. We’re a lightning rod so if nothing else going to Middle Tennessee will force the issue into the public square.

How do we appeal to the normies except through optics?

The reason we are stigmatized is because we are perceived as “immoral.” We’re racists, bigots, white supremacists, Nazis, etc. That’s where we are going to attack with a moral message. Somehow, this debate has shifted from ethics to optics when it is the former that is the real problem.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have terrible optics. Every leftwing group out there comes to their events and will undoubtedly show up at this one. They don’t care about optics. They don’t spend all their time obsessing over their divisions. In the streets, they care about numbers and unity.

Who is your target audience?

We’re not targeting normies with optics.

We’ve been down that road and have experience with doing that. The normies will watch you on television and Facebook Live. They will drive by in their cars. If they agree with you, they will honk their horn and keep on driving. If they disagree, they will say something insulting. Normies are individualists, materialists and conformists who are absorbed in their own lives.

The people who are actually interested in joining us are disaffected. They are already receptive to our message. We find these people mainly on social media. They are scattered around the country. They might hear that we are going to be in the area and come out to meet us. It’s those people who we want to recruit and organize. They are ready to get involved in the movement. At best, the normie will think you look good and will agree with your message, but is too preoccupied with his own life to take risks.

Normies are willing to change their views when they feel like they have permission from authority figures. In order for that to happen, an idea or cause has to hit a critical mass.

You seem to be more interested in moral qualities than optics. Why is that?

I believe character is more important than optics. It is our sense of right and wrong that drives our behavior, not our sense of beautiful and ugly. A man’s character is determined by his virtues and vices. Is he brave or cowardly? Is he honest or dishonest? Is he loyal and honorable? Does he have integrity? Does he have the fortitude and perseverance to overcome adversity?

These public events are character building exercises. We build our character by practicing our virtues just like we train at a gym. In order to change our circumstances, we need lots of men of strong character. If you are physically strong but morally weak, your strength is a facade.

The easiest way to get someone to commit to your cause, which isn’t to be confused with sharing your ideas, is to give them activities. This is one reason we hold public events. They make us morally stronger and more committed to pushing through the changes we desire in society. We don’t believe the -isms and -phobias have anything to do with traditional morality.

These events are opportunities to challenge and break those taboos.

What is your strategy?

In Middle Tennessee, the immediate goal is only to draw attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting, and since we are a lightning rod simply going there will accomplish this. We are doing a service for the region which has been deluged refugees and immigrants. This has created enormous resentment but little in the way of action. We are willing to go there and take the heat to say this has to stop. No one else has the balls to do so even if they quietly agree with us.

More broadly, we want to target angry, alienated, disaffected people who don’t feel like their voices are being heard. We believe those people are the most persuadable and willing to join our case. If anything, your average upper middle class normie who goes to an Episcopal Church and votes for Marco Rubio is likely to support the dumping of refugees and illegal aliens in places like Antioch. So really, we want to go from place to place to find and recruit and gather those people to build our movement.

Tell me more about the optics of this event

We are shooting for something like Unite the Right without the one guy with the swastika flag. Otherwise, we thought those optics were fine. It depends on who comes though.

Is the Alt-Right coming to this event?

They are more than welcome to do so.

Tell us more about the private event

We understand that everyone has a different comfort level. There are some people who will want to go to a public rally, some who would like to attend a private event and some who would like to do both. If you want to come to the private event but not the public rally, you will have that option. This is what we did in Pikeville, KY and it was a lot of fun.

Do you want to fight with Antifa?

No, Antifa are just a nuisance. We want to hold a public rally, not clash with those clowns. In Tennessee, we expect they will be kept separated which didn’t happen in Virginia.

Who is speaking at this event?

Michael Hill
Matthew-John Heimbach

More TBA.

What should I wear to this event?

This will depend on the weather. It will be a lot cooler around Halloween in Tennessee. In cooler weather though, our men will be wearing the Lined Team Jacket or something similar.

I like what you are saying, but I don’t like your optics

In the future, we are going to moving to a more unified nationalist aesthetic although I don’t know whether that will happen before Shelbyville, or somewhere down the road at the next event. There are downsides to looking both too preppy and too incoherent. There are tradeoffs to be made between uniformity in optics and numbers and unity. We’re going to err on the side of strength in numbers and fostering cohesion within our movement.

Source: Shelbyville Q&A – Occidental Dissent

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