We are a grass roots volunteer organization that helps seek out, identify, and change corruption, injustice, inefficiency, bias, and immorality in all aspects of our great nation with particular focus on our local, state, and federal government as well at the population at large.

We are not a hate group or a cult. We are a group of patriots who love our country and want to adhere to the principles and ideals of our founding fathers. We are not against diversity in race, religion, or culture as long as they are lawful and respectful of our culture in return.

Please take a moment to check us out and feel free to join our cause and become a member if you feel that our goals are inline with yours. If you do not agree with the opinions and stances represented by this site then we appreciate that and encourage you not to visit again.


1. Preserve the American way of life that our forefathers intended

2. Identify and combat corruption and inefficiency at all levels

3. Promote awareness on topics of national concern

4. Foster peace and understanding and expect the same in return

5. Train to be prepared for anything that comes our way